Senior Cost Analyst

Job Description


This position will contribute significantly to the Asset's ability to optimise the cost performance, ensuring that decisions can be taken with full knowledge and understanding of budget and cost impact. The integrity of the data captured and the extent of challenge that is exercised by this role is imperative to the quality of the budgets, future forecasting and analysis of expenditure within the Asset.



Asset Director, Performance & Growth Manager, all Asset Managers, Peers in the other assets, Corporate Finance, Corporate Audit, Strategy and Business


Suppliers, key contract Reps, Operated JV Relationships, OBO Partners, peer group within the industry


This position will have the responsibility of challenging forecasts and expenditure to ensure 'value for money' and consistency of approach within context of a complex and dynamic environment; covering Asset Operations, Transportation & Tariff cost.

Cost Performance

Provide assistance to embed a culture a continuous cost efficiency improvement across the Asset, by:
Proactively highlighting overall trends of costs and gap analysis
Raising awareness of cost drivers and measures
Evaluating technical/commercial aspects of commitment proposals