Floorhand ,Williston, North Dakota, United States

Job Description

Company: Nabors
Skills: Floorhand / Roughneck
Experience: 1 + Years
Education: Some College
Location: Williston, North Dakota, United States
itle: Floorhand

The job of the Floorhand is to safely and efficiently perform all manual labor tasks on the drilling floor and B.O.P. area. The Floorhand works under the direction/supervision of the Driller, but reports directly to the Rig Manager.
Key Relevant Tasks:

Operating of the tongs and slips to connect and dis-connect drill pipe, tubulars, casing and drill bits or tools
Performing all maintenance of the equipment and physical space of the drill floor
Rig up and down procedures, nipple up and down and care of the B.O.P. system
Monitoring and operation of the shakers
Assisting the Derrickhand within the mud pit, mud pump and chemical sack rooms
Performing housekeeping activities on the drill floor including washing, chipping and painting
Assist the Motorman with offloading / back loading supplies, equipment, pipe, etc
When trained, relieve the Derrickhand in the derrick