Roustabout for Jack Up

Job Description

Start date:February 21, 2022
Job location:United Kingdom
· Assisting the Crane Operator with the rigging and movement of equipment on deck and to/from support vessels.

· Maintaining, cleaning and washing of the rig including chipping and painting.

· Providing fire watch duties and flagging operations.

· Filling in as a relief worker for the drill crew when needed.

· Storing and retrieving supplies, equipment and tools.

· Providing assistance to the Mechanic, Electrician or Welder as and when required.

· Loading / offloading all kinds of lifts from / to supply vessels.

· Housekeeping and washing of decks.

· Relieve floor men for tea / lunch breaks

· Mixing of chemicals for preparing mud / brine

· Painting of decks and equipment

· Hook up / down temporary flow lines for circulation

· Preventive maintenance of rig equipment and cranes

· Assist in shale shaker man, rig electricians and motor man

· Bunkering of diesel and chemicals from boats

· Working safely manual handling.

· Working at heights.

· Helicopter and helideck safety.

· Banks man slinging (using hoisting equipment).
Candidates must hold previous offshore experience as a roustabout and hold the following certificates; FOET/BOSIET, CA EBS, MIST, OGUK Medical, Shoulder Measurements and Banksman Stage 1/3/4. HERTM and OERTM are desirable.