Maintenance Supervisor - Operations Superintendent(US)

Job Description

Under broad direction from the Superintendent/Plant Manager, the Supervisor performs aspects of planning and scheduling of plant maintenance operations.
Responsibilities include ascertain that operations personnel are in compliance with MSHA/OSHA requirements; Determine production schedule considering inventory, shipping schedule, equipment availability and personnel requirements; Direct and coordinate across multiple shifts to achieve production, quality, safety and costs goals; Determine work schedules based on manpower requirements and scheduled vacation time.
Ensures plant operations adheres to HSE and SQ guidelines including job risk assessments and emergency response.
Performs applicable performance and competency assessments, and disciplinary activities as necessary up to and including termination proceedings with collaboration from Human Resources.
Conducts TIER inspections of plant operations to ascertain it meets regulatory and HAL requirements; Budgetary accountabilities or directly impact a revenue center’s viability or its quality of service via personal contribution; Participates in planning process improvements and ascertain these are carried out; Ensures adequate communication amongst Shift Foremen or shift crews.